The writing of James J. Slattery and his pseudonym, J.S. McInroy

J.S. McInroy

The following are available from J.S. McInroy:

The Chronicles of Mikey

Chronicles of Mikey

The Chronicles of Mikey speaks of many aspects of the human being springing from a multitude of origins and filled with, perhaps choked by, inscrutable mysteries. Mikey is not a likeable character. Neither evil nor good, certain nor uncertain, he is simply human, and therein lies the mystery at the heart of The Chronicles.
ISBN: 1542862833
ISBN-13: 978-1542862837





Were one to seek a definitive meaning for the term “grace,” that seeker might become entangled in the various threads of connotation dictionaries ascribe to the concept. Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary offers, “Unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification” as well as the archaic “Mercy.” Either and both of these adequately and succinctly describe the central theme of Mr. McInroy’s novel.

Army Girl


Mary Devstenia, Army Girl, is a normal young woman attempting to make her way in a reality which seems determined to crush her every hope and besmirch her cherished dreams of love, independence, and a modest yet meaningful place in the world. Her marriage falls apart. Passion becomes humiliation and rape. Family tradition and working-class necessity turn her both to a community college where she meets the compelling Marina Carey, her teacher and possible soul mate, and to the Army Reserve which leads her to a desert highway and a fatal meeting with Fatima and her child. From that point on, her life becomes a spiral, whether downward or upward, one cannot say. She finds comfort of a sort in Lenard Cohan, an alienated Vietnam veteran. Her father, David, remains her strength to the end. But is she not, as one of her tattoos suggests, merely a plaything of the gods? Are not they all? Maybe the grotesque biker wanna-be Paulie Perfunctorio has the answer. Or perhaps Jennifer, the nuclear cockroach who is possessed of human intellect. And then there are always Pam and her half-brother Jesus who may know. But they simply will not tell.
ISBN-13: 978-0615906256

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Mary Devstenia, is recently returned to Troy, New York from her Army Reserve deployment in Iraq, during which time she was involved in the shooting-deaths of an Iraqi family, including their small daughter. The effects of this incident are most profound, and Mary soon finds herself descending into an emotional Hell of her own creation. Her invisible wounds perhaps are mortal.

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Another Girl

another girlMr. McInroy claims to be familiar with various addictions, Norse goddesses on motorcycles, and the allure of each. He adamantly asserts that the divine is always with us, whether riding a chariot across the sky, hanging from a cross, or driving the back roads of America in a Dodge Charger Hellcat. His title is stolen from a Stones lyric, his desert land from his novel Army Girl as well as a forthcoming and as yet untitled book which continues with some of the same themes and characters.


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