The writing of James J. Slattery and his pseudonym, J.S. McInroy


James J. Slattery is a father, husband, writer, playwright, poet and editor (among other things) living in upstate New York.

He has published his memoir, Die Live Love, as well as the short story, Embarkation.

Under his J.S. McInroy pseudonym, he is the author of the novel, Army Girl, as well as the short stories, Wounds and Another Girl.

James is also the editor of Slate Run Publishing’s first volume of Slate Run Annual, a collection of short stories featuring authors from New York State’s Capital Region. His stories Embarkation and Another Girl appear.

James is currently working on his next book – tentatively titled Grace – for release in early 2016. It will be published under his J.S. McInroy pseudonym.

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