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Those Of Little Note: The Long Rememb...

I’ve been thinking about my upcoming Creative Workshop session, the discussion this past Tuesday of Camus’ “The Guest,” and my recent visit to Slate Run and Cedar Run Pennsylvania. Pam and I walked the old rail-trail looked into the waters of Pine Creek and impressed upon our souls the essence of something ineffable. The forest, […]

Walking Jesus

WALKING JESUS   Calling Elvis 9  1 13     I               Am                                   20 8 5  23 15 18 4 9  23 1 19     I           […]

Works in Progress

I am currently writing two different novels. One is Mikey and is a stream of consciousness exploration of a troubled man who is bent upon self destruction. The other is Walking Jesus and is more than a bit experimental. I am posting an excerpt–the first few pages.

Donald and the Judge

Donald and the Judge   Please forgive me for asking several questions which may seem both anachronistic and the example of a benighted outlook upon the modern world. Of course they relate to Donald Trump. The questions relate neither to foreign, economic nor domestic policy. Perhaps they speak more of my twentieth-century upbringing than to […]

Two Days Past

TWO DAYS PAST XMAS Solstice, the light creeps back into the darkness of Winter’s night. Another year ends. One begins as worlds turn, stars burn, and life cycles itself around and around as Yeats put it “in a widening gyre.” Does the stone awaken? The rough beast slouch toward Jerusalem or Ramadi or even Berdo? […]


I love LOVE Grand Central Station. One morning two or three months ago I sat alone in the food court as my daughter and her boyfriend went off shopping. There is absolutely nothing so comfortable as being alone in a crowded place. Three tables of Hispanic men called loudly to each other in–you guessed it–Spanish, […]

New Work: One novel, one Short Story

Two weeks ago I finished the latest JS McInroy novel tentatively titled Grace and a James Slattery short story as of yesterday entitled Tommy. Both are undergoing thorough proofreading and editing. I hope to have the story ready by October and Grace by January 2016. I have been heavily influenced by many authors and styles over the course […]